Weekly brightness 04/04/2018

Start with what, not why

"When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod to the world, he didn’t say, “I have a dream of how to change the way you listen to music.” He said, “1,000 songs in your pocket,” as did the advertising."

What Magicians Can Teach Us About the Science of Attention

David Britland looks at how we are much worse at noticing things that we think, and magicians (presidents and marketing men) use this to divert our attention from things that are literally in front of our eyes. Very interesting.

April Fool's Day Stunts round up

A compelling collection of the best ads during April fool's day. Courtesy of the Drum.

Didi Chuxing took on Uber and won. Now it's taking on the world.

A long but very interesting read on Jean Liu, president of Didi Chuxing, the world’s largest ride-sharing service that took on Uber in China

HQ Trivia’s first sponsored games

HQ Trivia it's a live quiz show, running for 15 minutes twice a day, with 12 multiple choice questions to answer. It's a great example of digital media creating shared experiences, rather than one-to-one ones. They are launching sponsored games with Nike and Warner Bros.