Weekly Brightness 26/03/2018

Data is the new oil: dirty, misunderstood, polluting the world & pulled from all the wrong places

"This repetition of the “Data is X” mantra reinforces the mistaken notion that “Data” is a singular monolith (not just a non-count noun) and turns it into a gnomic force to be reckoned with, a force that means all business must be data driven."

The case for Chaos

Martin Wiegel gave an excellent talk at DMX in Dublin on the best context that nurture creativity: chaos. Brilliant, as usual.


How to Build Better Life Long Habits

"Humans are creatures of habit. If you could build good habits, you’d be on your way to a better life." It really well-worth a look.

Spotify: The Rise of the Contextual Playlist

Music streaming is going through a massive sea change at the moment. Traditionally we sought out music based on genre or artist. But data from Spotify shows that choosing context based playlist is growing. We are less interested in Rap, Indie, Rock playlist and more interested in "Songs to sing in the shower" and 'Beast mode workout' playlist.

A useful set of digital storytelling tools

"DigitalStory.Tools is a directory of tools and resources to help you build your digital stories. It’s a list of our favourite tools and – too be honest – we had this list for a while. It was an Excel-sheet we used while we worked as a journalist, designer and an editor in chief. It just made us happy. And we noticed, also our participants of our hackathons got really excited. That’s why we build this site. You know: sharing is caring."