Weekly Brightness 19/03/2018

Nothing Beats A Londoner

A brilliant work by W & K that celebrates London's diversity through its young athletes. Well done.

Entertain or Die? - BBH Labs Podcast

"Each episode we’ll be asking a different, burning question about the future of marketing and inviting interesting people with strong opinions to answer it." Watch out the new podcast launched by BBH Labs. 

Re-evaluating Media

"Re-evaluating Media is a study commissioned by Radiocentre and independently conducted by Ebiquity which makes an impartial and robust re-evaluation of online and offline media. The results highlight a major discrepancy between perceptions of individual media and what the evidence says, suggesting that it is time for the industry to re-evaluate media decisions to optimise advertising budgets."

Lessons From Spotify

An interesting analysis from Ben Thompson on the lessons from Spotify and the key challenges to be faced.

The Greatest Hits of Binet & Field

The greatest hits of the IPA's "godfathers of effectiveness" Les Binet and Peter Fields - an excellent selection of charts/slides here curated by Tom Roach from BBH.