Weekly Brightness 05/06/2017

Internet trends 2017

It's time for the annual internet trends delivered by Mary Meeker. If you don't want to go through the 355 slides (355!) following the link you can find a brief summary of the key takeaways.

Lemonade, the disrupting insurance.

Lemonade is reinventing the insurance business and it's growing at a fast pace. Lemonade is already using AI bots to enable customers to get insured in 90 seconds and get paid in under 3 minutes. Amazing.

Dove: Fat Girls Dance

"Dove Real Beauty Productions is proud to release our first film featuring the story of Cathleen Meredith. The film shares Cathleen's journey as she realizes her beauty through the power of dance. Now, with her group “Fat Girls Dance,” Cathleen is sharing her body positive message with women everywhere, redefining #RealBeauty with every move."

The science behind why we like what we like

To sell something surprising make it familiar. To sell something familiar make it surprising. This is the secret great designers use to create things we instantly like. 

Every Generation Has Been the Me Generation

An aged but brilliant article on how every generation of commentators bemoan the narcism of today's youth.