Weekly Brightness 08/05/2017

Why advertisers should strive for distinctiveness

Numerous studies have shown that being distinctive makes you more memorable. One way of doing this is through admitting weakness. Three of the most successful advertising campaigns ever were based around this tactic. So why don't we see it more often?  

How FOMO leads to FOMO

The Hidden Brain is an excellent neuroscience podcast from NPR. This week they tackle FOMO and how comparing ourselves to our friends makes us less happy. There are a couple of really interesting studies in it. One is from Tel Aviv that looks at what happened when a number of people joining a company had to delete their social media profiles. And the second looks at what it is we really fear when we have FOMO. Fascinating stuff. 

State of AI: How did we get here, and where are we going next?

This Azeem Azhar's piece on the state of AI is a good, readable perspective on how we got to here with AI, and where we're likely to go next. Very interesting.

Uber, Deliveroo and physical spaces

An interesting insight by Dan Calladine on how digital businesses (like Uber or Deliveroo) are moving into the physical world.

Channel 4 shows personalised ads that know your name

"Channel 4 is bolstering its video on demand advertising package with a new ad format that can directly address viewers by their name." Brilliant.