Weekly Brightness 14/05/2017

Truthiness in marketing: is the evidence behind brand purpose flawed?

Richard Shotton clearly proves the flaws behind Stengel's theory of brand purpose. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Unfortunately, Stengel doesn’t provide ordinary evidence, let alone the extraordinary kind."

The hidden danger of big data

"Decentralized decision-making is crucial for the enrichment of society. Data-driven optimization, conversely, derives solutions from a predetermined paradigm, which, in its current form, often excludes the transformational or counterintuitive ideas that propel humanity forward."

Under the influence

"So since Forbes is now writing articles titled “How To Do Influencer Marketing Like a Pro” [...], maybe it’s a good time to take pause, submerge beyond the surface-level storylines and apply a more discerning look into the biggest trend in marketing today..". A brilliant piece that shines a light on influencer marketing efficacy.

Busting the Myths of Marketing in a Digital Age

"The assumption here is that the advent of digital and social media has changed the rules of marketing, making targeting to build loyalty more feasible. However, data from the last eight years (2008-16) shows that campaigns focusing on penetration are twice as effective as those focusing on loyalty."

TED: Elon Musk’s The future we’re building

A vey inspiring conversation between Elon Musk and  TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson. Musk discusses his present and future projects, including his desire for colonising Mars. Enjoy.