Weekly Brightness 27/03/2017

The future of agencies

Neil Perkin conducted in collaboration with IPA a new piece of research giving a fresh perspective on the future of agencies. The research comprises interviews with senior agency heads and clients, innovation specialists, consultancy leaders and futurists, who reveal the impact of the changing landscape, and subsequent requirements, on agency capabilities, operating and client engagement models, remuneration structures and their approach to talent.  You can get a preview of the main results here, or buy/download (depending on whether you're a member or not) a copy of the report from the IPA website. Don't miss it.

Gucci Memes

Gucci enlisted the help of "international meme creators" to create a series of Instagram memes for its latest advertising campaign — a collaborative project called #TFWGucci — for timepieces. Very smart and perfectly executed.

Facebook launches "Advanced Measurement"

Advertisers can soon use Advanced Measurement to assess which platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, search, or display ads on Google — drove the most purchases on their online store, or had the highest reach among their desired target audience

What's the value of a like?

"Brands spend billions of dollars a year on lavish efforts to establish and maintain a social media presence. But do those campaigns actually increase revenue? New research provides an answer to this question, which has vexed marketers ever since social media burst upon the scene." 

How to tell a good story

OpenCulture it's a  brilliantly curated collection of free cultural and educational media. Here they've compiled films of some storytelling giants such as George Saunders, Ira Glass and Ken Burns talking about their own storytelling processes.