Weekly Brightness 27/02/2017

BMW 100th anniversary in Russia - M11 Case results

"BMW Russia organized an unprecedented action providing special advantages for BMW drivers. In honor of the 100th Birthday of BMW, BMW covered the toll cost for all its drivers on the highway M-11 "Moscow – Solnechnogorsk – Moscow" giving them a free ride throughout all summer season."
Great idea, wonderfully executed.

Spotify Builds More Funny Ads Around User Data

Spotify launched a new brand campaign that continues to leverage on witty copywriting mined from real data from its users. Brilliant!

Branding in the age of social media

An interesting take which highlights how social media has transformed how culture (and branding) works. Brands need to set themselves apart by promoting a new ideology that springs from the crowd. It's well worth a read.

Why facts don't change our minds

A brilliant piece on the New Yorker digs into confirmation bias and our brain's desire to outsource our thinking to others.  

How Brexit revealed Britain's divided culture

A great article by Lynsey Hanley on the polarisation of culture in Britain.