Weeekly Brightness 20/02/2017

Marc Pritchard (P&G) on better advertising

The Marc Pritchard's speech landed a simple but extremely powerful concept: it's time to move on towards a new digital advertising model. Will it be the turning point?

Pinterest introduces Lens, a Shazam for objects in the real world

Pinterest launched a search feature that lets members take a photo of any object, then search for similar items in the app.
It's very interesting how visual search is evolving and also Facebook is moving in that direction. 

How to spot visualization lies

"How to Lie to People with Statistics" it's an interesting book, but if you don't want to read the whole book check out this from Flowing Data on how to spot visualisation lies. 

Why you didn't see it coming

A great read on our inability to spot huge changes and why science needs good storytellers. Scientists often have to come up with stories to translate what they see with their instruments and equations into something they—and we—can understand. Very interesting.

How not to be ignorant about the world

Hans Rosling, the stats guru and founder of Gapminder, died recently. If you haven't seen his TED talks go take a look. And if you're interested here's a documentary of his life and work since 2010