Weekly Brightness 23/10/2017

By  Bezt

By Bezt

Facebook lets brands dive into people's post

Facebook is apparently trialing the ability to give marketers the opportunity to analyse what topics, themes, brands and products are being discussed in people's post. 

The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions 

"Mistaken predictions lead to fears of things that are not going to happen, whether it’s the wide-scale destruction of jobs, the Singularity, or the advent of AI that has values different from ours and might try to destroy us. We need to push back on these mistakes." A very interesting article on AI. 

Facebook Engagement for Brands and Publishers Falls 20% In 2017 

Brands over reliance on Facebook for organic and paid reach has left many at the mercy of the platform's algorithmic tweaks. Some of the numbers in this report are staggering.   

Habits vs goals 

A very inspiring article on the importance of understanding the power of habit over goals to really change your life. Brilliant and so true.

A wikipedia for data visualizations

If you have some data and are looking for some inspiration on how to visualise it browse the lovely Data Viz Project. It has more than 150 types of data visualisations, all searchable by type of dataset (chart, diagram, table), input data, function (comparison, trend over time), and shape (square, line,  map).