Weekly Brightness 26/09/2016

Nissan & Copa 90: Away Days

Away Days has been one of the best branded content I've seen in the last year. Below you'll see the results and the whole story of this partnership.

Google Trips might redefine Travelling

Google Trips is a free app that acts as a personalized trip planner plus a 'guidebook', organizing all details related to your trip from Gmail to one place - reservations, plane tickets, as well as help in planning out sight-seeing tours. 
Is this the killer travel app we have been waiting for?

Lurpak & W&K:
Game on, cooks

"The agency came up with new ad after finding out that British consumers aren't cooking as much but are consuming more food media than ever. Why do the work when you can just order food and watch someone else do it, living vicariously through them? Lurpak and W+K argue that you'll feel much more satiated if you just get up off the couch and cook."
Great insight, great ad. 

Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad.
They’re a Revolution.

"What people really want are integrated tools that make it easier to do regular tasks in a comfortable and familiar place: Within a conversation." A wise article by Chris Messina on chatbots and their evolution.

NFL & Twitter:
the future of Live TV

NFL reached a deal with Twitter to live stream 10 games for free worldwide. Social networks are finally able to take on traditional broadcasters, moving beyond being just a platform. Very interesting.