Weekly Brightness 29/08/2016

WhatsApp to start sharing user data with Facebook

WhatsApp is going to start sharing user data (including phone numbers) with Facebook to aid ad targeting. Although many users are complaining, it seems inevitable and obvious in terms of business.

New Is Not For Novelties

Faris Jacob wrote an article for Ad Age about how advertising award innovation categories too often award prototypes or fakes and how that isn't helping the industry evolve.
Very interesting.

First five jobs

A great post from Dave Trott on what he learned from his first five jobs.

Using television and film
to advance your cause

What a brilliant idea. It's a site that points social-change organizations towards up and coming storylines in TV or film that maybe related to their cause. It's US focused but it would be great to see an european version.  

How Bad Urban Planning
Led To A Billion-Dollar Genre

Not really adv-related but very interesting from a sociological point of view. This article explores the relationship between structural racism, public housing projects, and hip-hop:
"Hip-hop lyrics are [filled] with first-hand accounts of living conditions in the projects. The hip-hop MC used lyrics to create a dialogue, to give commentary and counterpoints to the modernist vision."