Weekly Brightness 01/08/2016

Ghostbusters, Ghost Train!

Brilliant idea to promote the new Ghostbusters movie in Spain.

The Blissfully Slow World of Internet Newsletters

"But from what I’ve seen, more newsletters are in the long tail—publishing for audiences from the single-digit thousands to the dozens. They’re engineered not for virality but originality: It’s a chance to listen in while someone thinks out loud." Some deep and true thoughts on newsletters and digital communication.

To go digital leaders have to change core beliefs

A nice bit on digital culture change from HBR: "Digital transformation halts, or fails, for many reasons—but most often it’s because minor changes at the surface level do nothing to affect the fundamental operations of a company. Appointing a Chief Digital Officer, with no budget and no clear mandate, is not digital transformation. Increasing the social media marketing budget is not digital transformation. Even building an app is not digital transformation."

Snapchat raises the innovation bar in advertising through image recognition

"Snapchat has filed a patent application for a system of advertising that uses object recognition to serve users sponsored filters. The technology outlined by the company would identify items in users' pictures, and then offer them image overlays from brands related to these objects. It's the visual equivalent of buying advertising space based on keywords in Google searches — but instead of looking for textual data in searches like "headphones" or "shoes," it's looking for the objects themselves." Very interesting.

Stop Problem Solving

A great piece by Gareth Kay on how it’s time to rediscover the lost art of finding better problems to solve.