Weekly Brightness 04/07/2016

The secret of taste: why we like what we like

A deep dive into what it is that shapes our tastes and the role played by novelty and familiarity. Very insightful.

Who owns the news: Social media platforms or publishers?

The relationship between publishers and social platforms has a long history for being critical and complicated, even more so after Facebook's announcement of algorithm changes. Below you'll find an interesting research on digital news in a distributed environment.

FB ads Targeted by Users’ Engagement With Content

Brands can now target ads according to users' exposure to their video (several time options can be chosen). This is a really smart and useful feature that extend brands' ability to deliver differentiated messages. 

Live video:
it's not about the content

An interesting view by Matt Hackett on how to improve and reshape the live video experience on social platforms.

Grand Prix winning case study from 2016 Cannes Lions

An useful article that wraps up each Grand Prix winning case study video from Cannes Lions in 2016. Enjoy.