Weekly Brightness 18/07/2016

How technology disrupted the truth

Great piece by Katherine Viner on the Guardian about how social media has swallowed the news and the implications for public-interest reporting. Not really advertising related and quite a long read but it is worth reading.

Nike presents Da Da Ding

Nike and WK India celebrates fierce, female athleticism like no one did it before, empowering Indian girls to debunk gender stereotypes. Powerful message and fabulous execution.

We're the superhumans

Great work by Channel 4 for the next Paralympic games in Rio. Well done!

The Facebook of e-commerce

Some interesting thoughts by Benedict Evans on how FMCG
e-commerce might become more like subscription.

How Income Inequality Is Killing the Traditional Family

An american study shows how income inequality plays a major role at weakening the traditional family. Quite interesting.