Weekly Brightness 11/07/2016

Snapchat launches memories

Snapchat launches "Memories", allowing users to store old pictures and arguably downplaying its ephemeral nature.

Twitter does Wimbledon, LIVE!

Twitter’s partnered with ESPN to livestream Wimbledon interviews, analysis and match replays (not live matches) on the platform. A new future for livestreaming sports is about to come.

Brutal Forces: Artificial Creativity and Broad Data

An interesting view by Faris Yakob on artificial intelligence applied to creativity and advertising.

How Mobile Today Is Like TV Six Decades Ago

A nice article by the Atlantic on the exponential growth of mobile.

Could social media be tearing us apart?

Jerry Daykin explores how social media create "bubbles" that allow us to see only what and who we agree with, leaving no space for controversial opinions. Very interesting.