Weekly Brightness 30/05/2016

State of the Digital Nation 2016

A really comprehensive report by Jules Ehrhardt which shines a light on today's digital industry. From agency consolidation to digital products, there are a lot of information in this report that you cannot miss if you are in the digital business. 
Quite lengthy but really worth the rime. 

Why context is everything for brands

"Brands should focus as much on target contexts as they do target audiences." Brilliant insights by Richard Sotton.

A planner's guide to reading

Martin Weigel of Wieden and Kennedy recommends 7 kinds of reading to build a solid and brilliant planner's perspective.
An invaluable source of inspiration. 

Why media design is the new media planning

"Consumers today want brands to meet and exceed their expectations and to add value to their lives, in a manner that’s not unlike the Japanese principle of motenashi: by being intuitive, effortless and flexible."
An interesting point of view by Ana Andjelic.

Levi's commuter

Smart marketing campaign by Levi’s, which has teamed up with Google to create this prototype of a digitally-enabled jacket for cyclists (based on the Project Jacquard).