Weekly Brightness 16/05/2016

Opinions wanted

An interesting article by Gareth Kay on how brands should have an opinion if they want to stand out from the sameness:
"When we begin to look outside the confines of the illusion and constraint of our brand’s alleged category, we can see opinionated ideas that can inform and support fresh opinion for brands." 

Burger King:
FB Messenger bot demo

Chat bots are making their way, here is another case from Burger King which allows customers to order on the fly without ever having to talk to a human.

Users always choose the path of least resistance

"Users will always choose the easiest option, so if we want a competitive advantage we must focus on simplicity." That's why user experience is ridiculously important.

How The Voice and Twitter Use Augmented reality
to Boost Social Engagement

The Voice is one of the top tweeted shows every week, so it’s always a good place to experiment. This week, Twitter and The Voice integrated an augmented virtual reality experience for fans and pulled it off—there were 83,000 tweets around the show.

Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms

It turns out that Facebook relies heavily on the intervention of a small editorial team to determine what makes its trending module headlines.