Weekly Brightness 11/04/2016

Moleskine Smart Writing

For a paper-based business there shouldn't be nothing more scary than digitalization. Apparently not for Moleskine, which lets sketches created with pen and paper easily transformed into digital prototypes that can be edited and shared from a smartphone or tablet. So smart. 

The friendly pre-roll campaign

Netflix created preroll ads containing clips from TV-series Friends which are related to YouTube searches. 
Really clever idea.

Are chatbots the beginning of a new Internet?

Chatbot is the new buzzword in marketing thanks to the rise of mobile texting and messaging apps. This article from Digiday shows to us the state of the art and which are the new horizons. 

What I Learned from Trying to Innovate at the New York Times

I found very interesting this piece from the former Director of New Products at the New York Times. What I liked most is the idea of an "ecosystem mindset" that helps your organisation to thrive in a digitally-empowered world.

A great collection of story structure diagrams

This Pinterest board is a great miscellanea of story structure diagrams. Browsing around the board I found this link on how to make great presentation very interesting.