Weekly Brightness 02/05/2016

Persol Drew a Graphic Novel in Real Time on Instagram

"The campaign puts users in the shoes of Frankie Malone, a rebel seeking to overthrow a regime that has outlawed free thought and stamped out individuality," the brand says. "It's a classic dystopian thriller that takes its cues from films like Blade Runner, Gattaca and Minority Report while modernizing the story for the world of social media." Very nice.


The world beyond "storytelling"

A good read (as ever) from Martin Weigel on the ad industry's obsession with storytelling.

Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved

An interesting and entertaining take on the current state of the media by Joshua Topolsky, founder of Vox Media and Verge.

Faris Yakob on The Philosophy of Advertising

The always brilliant Faris talking about creative theft, the joy of being a digital nomad and the lunacy of picking fights with your fans. 

The 45 distribution channels Buzzfeed publish to

"Among the most defining characteristics of BuzzFeed’s strategy is the way their content reaches readers: the vast majority is distributed through channels other than their website.This led us to ask which platforms are they actively using and what does this fragmented paradigm actually look like in practice."