Weekly Brightness 26/04/2016

F8 2106

Mark Zuckerberg's keynote at the F8 conference catalysed the attention of publishers, marketers and ad-people. Amongst the most interesting announcements were the ten year roadmap featuring lots of AI, global connectivity and AR/VR, the opening up of the Facebook Live API which transforms their streaming capability (and opens up some interesting possibilities for broadcasters) and of-course the much anticipated greater focus on chatbots within Messenger.

The untold story of Magic Leap

A lengthy but fascinating profile of Magic Leap - "the world's most secretive start-up".


Adblocking could be the best thing for the adv industry

"Marketeers shouldn't look at the so called adblocking apocalypse as a threat but more as an opportunity to do much better." An interesting view by Tom Goodwin on adblocking.

The Serial: From Dickens to Star Wars

This brilliant video essay looks at the history of the serial, how audience data shapes the plot of our favourite series and why The Force Awakens is a turning point in how these stories will be told in the future. 

Toolbox to unlock creative ideas

Hyper Island have curated a resource kit of tried and tested workshop ideas to help you to unleash the creative potential in your team or organisation. Very useful indeed.