Weekly Brightness 21/03/2016

Instagram To Roll Out Algorithm

Instagram introduces feed algorithm to show best posts first. However, the social network seems to know this is a controversial move. In the announcement - read it in full here - the company states it wants to really take the time to
“get it right.”

How Newsfeed Works

This is a Facebook site designed to explain the process by which its Newsfeed operates, highlighting its algorithmic nature and the way in which users can tweak and optimise it to best suit their needs. Well designed and really useful.

Amnesty International advertises through Adblock

Amnesty International has put an ad-blocker at the heart of its new anti-censorship campaign, partnerhing with AdBlock to push its ads to users to mark World Day Against Cyber Censorship. So great!

Buzzfeed Launches New Ad Unit

"Instead of forcing all your traffic and spending all your resources to drive people to your owned and operated platforms, why not go to where they are. "We've done it, and in doing that we've built this power of an audience that crosses these different platforms." 

Pizza Hut Does Pi Day

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi) and this year Pizza Hut stood out for being smart. They worked with actual proper mathematician John Conway to devise three maths puzzles which would grant the first people to solve them 3.14 years of free pizza. Quite nice PR move.