Weekly Brightness 14/03/2016

Adidas Spotlights Dark Social

Adidas has invited fans to join "app squads" in selected cities around the world, as the sports brand looks to shed light on so-called "dark social" channels. Very interesting move.

FB Opening Messenger To Publishers

Facebook will officially let publishers distribute content through Messenger and will announce the news at its annual developer conference in April.

Facebook Is Eating The World

This piece from the brilliant Emily Bell is the best summary of the challenges facing the news industry you are likely to read: "As this shift happens, posting journalism directly to Facebook or other platforms will become the rule rather than the exception. Even maintaining a website could be abandoned in favor of hyperdistribution. The distinction between platforms and publishers will melt completely."

Reebok Sppedcam Billboard

Reebok set up a billboard in Stockholm which challenged users to run past it at a certain speed: if they hit target velocity, the billboard delivered a free pair of shoes. Nice idea.

The New Mind Control

This AEON piece examines research that suggests that organic search results can dramatically change your political preferences and can be manipulated.