Weekly Brightness 29/02/2016

The Decline Of The Tv-Centric Living Room

IAB's research shows us there is no second screen anymore.
All screens now equally compete for our attention.

How Buzzfeed Thinks
About Data

This time last year Buzzfeed CEO, Jonah Peretti, first talked about BuzzFeed’s distributed strategy. Instead of focusing primarily on their website and apps, and using social networks as a way to send traffic to them, they were going to aggressively publish content directly to social platforms. This meant that their daily, weekly, and monthly traffic reports tracking UVs and page views became obsolete. Dao Nguyen, Head of Data, gives 5 different ways Buzzfeed now think about data.

Creative That Sells

A study by Byron Sharp investigated the effect of more than 150 creative devices on several copy-testing measures of advertising effectiveness. The most important takeout is that current copy test has none scientific validation. Extremely interesting. 

The Big Problem With LinkedIn

"LinkedIn’s business model inhibits the growth of the network; and the network growth is ultimately what its business model is reliant upon". Why LinkedIn's problems run deeper than their valuation.

The Snap Generation

The Snap generation: a guide to Snapchat's history. If you're over 25 and not well versed in Snapchat, this is a good overview for you.