Weekly Brightness 15/02/2016

Burberry Show How You Embrace Disruption

Really interesting how Burberry is leaning into disruption in the fashion industry, fully aligning their cat-walk shows with supply chain and retail calendar to enable people to buy straight after the show.

What counts as TV?

Offcom release the findings from the second year of a 2 year research report into young people's media habits. Worth diving into: "The concept of ‘watching TV’ had, for most of the children, become more closely connected with the programmes than with the activity of sitting in front of the set.... When they thought about what they liked to watch, children of all ages tended to think of YouTube videos (which may be short clips, or by vloggers) in a similar bracket to mainstream TV shows. They often struggled to differentiate TV programmes from other types of video content that they saw online; broadcast TV felt less recognisably different."

Facebook’s Instant Articles Advertising Fixes Win Over Publishers

"It's getting easier to make money from Facebook Instant Articles, according to multiple publishing partners enrolled in the program. Publishers were frustrated in the early going by the platform's advertising restrictions, but now credit Facebook with making improvements. Some say their Instant Articles currently generate the same amount of ad revenue on a per-view basis as pageviews on their own mobile properties."

How Facebook is extending Super Bowl ad buys

Super Bowl advertisers Jack in the Box, Butterfinger and carmaker MINI are doing more targeted buys on the social network to complement their big Super Bowl commercials. The idea is to marry the huge reach and cultural buzz of the Super Bowl with the reach and targeting of Facebook.

Zoolander crashes Barbie's Instagram

Love this - to promote the new Zoolander film, a Derek Zoolander has been making guest apparances on the @BarbieStyle Instagram account - the account that is more aimed towards adult fans.