Weekly Brightness 05/12/2016

The binge breaker

A long but interesting read on Tristan Harris,  a former google employee who believes Silicon Valley is addicting us to our phones. He’s determined to make it stop

Does decision-making matter?

Kahneman & Tverky upended our understanding of decision making - but do decisions really matter much at all? Or are our lives simply "determined by historical events, random coincidences, [our] own psychological needs and irresistible impulsions".

A map of modern brand building

An useful map of brand building by David Carr, all the most relevant theories and approaches in it. Check it out.

The naked truth

Dave Trott tells a fascinating story about how legislation banning children from working in coal mines became law and why the right story to tell might not always be the most obvious one.  

A wonderful tool for story inspiration

Dive into this deck of inspiration with videos split into categories such as 'find an analogy for a problem', 'take the audience backstage' and 'be brutally simple'.