Weekly Brightness 25/01/2016

Great campaign by Axe which fosters a new concept of masculinity, liberating guys from "pressure and bullshit" to just be themselves. Great execution, from the 60" film to the new Instagroom series, designed to inspire guys and give them the tools to achieve their own unique magic. REMARKABLE.

Google launches
"Real Time Ads"

Google is taking on Twitter at its own game, with a new real time ad format geared towards helping brands muscle in on current events. The new ‘Real Time Ads’ format lets advertisers serve video ads across YouTube and 2 million partner websites during big moments. The new service works with AdWords online tools, letting a pre-created ad to have a component (such as a photo or overlaid text) that can be updated immediately to reflect some event that is generating chatter. Very interesting.

WhatsApp goes for a new system of monetization

WhatsApp get rid of subscription payments and opens up new chances for brand to start a conversation.

Works of Micro-Fiction, Based On a fashion Lookbook

I love this micro-stories built into a fashion lookbook. Great and absolutely distinctive storytelling within the fashion market.

What Apple And Starbucks Taught Me About Building A Brand

Alessandra Ghini  shares insights from her work in marketing at Apple and Starbucks on the precipice of each company's golden age. Well worth a red.