Weekly brightness 31/09/2015

                   Photo by Jimmy Aldeco

                   Photo by Jimmy Aldeco

Madden NFL 2016: The Movie

Last year's Madden Season promo, featuring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco, was a great hit. Now EA Sports has released a new film to promote the pre-order of the Madden NFL 2016. Five minutes of creative insanity, hilarious.

McWhopper Challenge

McDonalds poor response to Burger King's McWhopper challenge is a huge missed opportunity if they don't suggest something better...

7 brands with awesome
print magazines

"If print is dying, brands haven’t gotten the message.
This trend isn’t isolated to any one industry.
As you’ll see from our list below, everyone from big-name startups to iconic fashion brands to global airlines are launching ambitious print mags. Let’s take a look at the seven best."

In defense of slow journalism

Nieman with a great piece on the value of slow journalism in the age of instant information.

Apple music will make
us sit back and listen

"While Apple's entrance into music streaming may initially have appeared little more than a me-too move, it could well prove to be far more than that, writes Mel Exon."