Weekly brightness 06/07/2015

Drawing by Courtney Schenk

Drawing by Courtney Schenk

Beats 1 goes on air

Worldwide. Always On. One hundred countries.
Beats1ambition is to redefine radio as we knew it.
In a world where music is ruled by on-demand and data-driven streaming, will people recognize the value of human curation? For sure, Apple is gathering the best music connoisseur creating premium and rare contents.
I'm really curios how it'll develop.

Amazon's one hour delivery

Amazon has launched Prime Now in London, which gives customers in certain areas of the capital the chance to have items delivered to their door within an hour. The service is part of the firm's focus on increasing profits by signing up more subscription members.
Will that be scalable in the rest of Europe?

The battle to become
an ingredient brand

"The rise of digital platforms and the internet of things means the future of branding could lie in the ability of brands to implant themselves in a host."
Interesting view from Tracey Follows on the future of branding.

Adland needs to
empower women

Starting from this inappropriate Protein World's ad, the article begs a wider question about marketing to women in general.
I think it's time to move on and, as adv professionals, realize that advertising has a moral duty to improve society without any stereotype or inequality. 

Cannes 2015 Winners

Last week I've mentioned the need to rethink the purpose
of the festival but I've to admit I still love to get lost
within the winners' archive.