Weekly brightness 20/07/2015

Image by Julien Mauve

Image by Julien Mauve

Unleash your Rrr - Volkswagen

To promote the launch of the new VW Golf R, Deutsch LA created a special and quite funny virtual test drive.
On a dedicated site users can record themselves making car noises of various sorts - the site then stitches together a film from clipped footage which matches the noises you've made.
Very clever and well executed.

Nike - Short a guy

Nike has launched “Short A Guy”, a commercial designed to connect viewers to Nike’s multi-discipline Gear Up hub on Nike.com. The ad is just great.


MUJI has created a story through its products. Following the brand on instagram or either on its website, you'll see different travellers' stories from a MUJI product perspective.
Below you'll find the complete film.

Blockfeed - The NYC news app

"Blockfeed is the only app that features a stream of local news that changes as you move through your city. We do this by geolocating stories from your area's best local blogs, magazines and news sites to create a custom news stream tailored to your exact location."
Will this be the evolution of local news?

15 Cognitive biases to know 

A quite useful list of psychological studies that helps social media marketers to better understand their audience.