Weekly brightness 29/06/2015

       Painting by Oliver Flores

       Painting by Oliver Flores

What's it like to be 18
in America today?

Great work by the team at Matter who worked with a group of teenagers in San Francisco to answer that question.
The result is a beautiful, raw, inspiring story featuring prose, poetry, photography, video – even Snapchat.
A great idea for every portrait.

Twitter doesn't offer Periscope ads yet, but Nestle sneaks into the app to promote its Drumstick brand. Similar to campaigns marketers have executed on other video apps, Nestle hired known Periscope personalities to stream video of typical summer activities around the summer solstice. Very smart.

What if Cannes celebrates the worst, not the best of advertising?

"The ad industry’s disconnect from consumers is epitomised by the festival, where we toast an industry that’s in love with technology and itself, not people."
Full support for the angle taken by Tom Goodwin.

Exercise for growth

A very useful and interesting booklet by the London strategy Unit on how brands grow. 
"Rather than relying on PowerPoint, we designed something people can print off and scribble on – a bit like an old exercise book you might refer back to when you’re feeling stuck."

Is technology changing storytelling?

"Do changes in technology demand a different approach in the craft of writing? Or do the best stories still come in classic form?" Good question and interesting work.