Weekly brightness 22/06/2015

The three queens by Mart Biemans

The three queens by Mart Biemans

Just because gifs are often used to convey messages through humour doesn't mean they should be ignored as brilliant tools for storytelling. Looped images have a much richer past and lots of potential to help us explain complex concepts to readers.

Digital Disruption

A smart post from Helge Tenno on how digital disrupts industries, based in part on Philip Evans TED talk on how data will transform business.

Fiat Parking Billboard

A simple and clever idea to promote Fiat's Parking Assist technology, an alarm system that warns drivers in reverse of objects behind them. The characters are great.

Amazon streams Catastrophe's 
premiere on Facebook 

Amazon streamed for 48 hours and for no charge the first episode of original series Catastrophe on Facebook.
Smart way to create a widespread buzz around the show and better competing against Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Donation Posters

Public Transport Victoria came up with a great idea to help homeless youth charity Ladder. Simple and effective execution.