Weekly brightness 25/05/2015

Photo by Sarah Ritchie

Photo by Sarah Ritchie

Spotify expands beyond music

Spotify announced plans to transform itself into something a lot more than just a streaming music service. The company wants to start hosting video clips, programmes from many different broadcasters and original content such as live DJ mixes 
or podcasts. It seems Spotify is going to fight against the big fishes for the internet media-consumption.
What will be the next move by Facebook and Youtube?

The Violent Coasters   

A very simple but very clever execution from Japan against domestic violence. Wonderful work.  

Play with Yourself

Don't jump to premature conclusions from the image below: 
health is the purpose of this campaign and the idea is absolutely brilliant. "Australian testicular cancer awareness charity Blue Ball Foundation has teamed up with leading LA adult film studio Digital Playground to get Aussie men checking themselves regularly – by putting a public health message in the middle of a real adult movie." Smart & kinky native advertising!

Google's buy buttons

The company is reportedly going to launch "buy" buttons on its search-result pages in a few weeks in what is being seen as an attempt to become an online marketplace rivalling leading online retail destinations (Amazon on top). According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the launch have said that Google will begin showing users the buy button when they search for products on their mobile devices, but not on desktop computers. Very interesting.

A view from Dave Trott

The always brilliant Dave Trott on what advertising can learn from potholes and "obscene" graffiti: "what gets action is what gets attention".