Weekly brightness 18/05/2015

Well this is exciting. After months of rumors, Facebook unveiled “Instant Articles”, basically its app’s News Feed will host publishers’ content so users don’t have to wait for websites to load. Currently Instant Articles delivers rich-media stories from The New York Times, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, and six other outlets that will be globally visible from Facebook’s iPhone app. Does it solely mean a smoother user experience? Barely so. I reckon "Instant Articles" will become a new ad format for branded content on the platform and, probably, it will push all the brandspaff even further out of the organic feed? Wait and see.

Nike - Force of Nature

This is actually a very smart and technically impressive combination of video, treadmill and Kinect, which takes the runner through a journey of immersive visual effects that amplify and arouse the running experience. How cool is that?


To those who figured out this campaign I have just one word: chapeau. Billboards promoting Battersea Dog's Home were rigged to respond to RFID tags embedded in leaflets handed out to shoppers, so people could be followed by the ad on billboards. So clever.

Netflix and the future of TV

Check out this talk on the future of TV by Netflix CEO Reed Hasting's. If you don't have time read at least Netflix long term view which is built on the belief that linear tv is popular, but ripe for replacement.

Mobile first is outdated

Great read by Paul Adams on why mobile first may already be outdated in which he advocates to "focus on jobs, then screens, but never devices".