Weekly brightness 07/04/2015

#ClarksDesertBoots on WhatsApp

Clarks has launched a campaign that uses WhatsApp as the main platform. The brand will send out a series of messages including images, playlists and videos telling the story of three characters from different subculture movements that hardwired the Desert Boot as a popular icon. HUGE campaign. 
Not only because I'm a proud owner of the Desert Boot.

Have you ever found Disney's princesses a bit dumb and lacking of backbone (except when it comes to follow their charming prince)? Well, then it's time to join the brilliant campaign made by dosomething.org drawing your #RealPrincess. The campaign urges Disney to bring 
self-sufficient and complex female characters on screen,
in the (right) belief that it would be a better example. 
Disney was already addressing the issue of more authentic models (watch here), but now it's time to bring them
into life. Strong idea and lovely execution.

SUNTORY WHISKY 3D on the Rocks

"Advertising craft doesn't get more delicate than this. Check out the crazy ice cubes TBWA\Hakuhodo created for Japan's Suntory Whisky." WOW.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network have released a series of adverts featuring stories from sweatshops on the labels of clothing items. The label above reads: 100% cotton. Made in Cambodia by Behnly, nine years old. He gets up at 5:00 am every morning to make his way to the garment factory where he works. It will be dark when he arrives and dark when he leaves. He dresses lightly because the temperature in the room he works reaches 30 degrees. The dust in the room fills his nose and mouth. He will make less than a dollar, for a day spent slowly suffocating. A mask would cost the company ten cents. The label doesn't tell the whole story. Strong, isn't it?

Amazon dash button

One of the best marketing mantra is to close the gap between the point of need and the point of sale.
Well, Amazon couldn't have done any better.