Weekly brightness 27/04/2015

"The Face of Litter"

What a great piece of work from Ogilvy Hong Kong, it’s called The Face Of Litter, and through sophisticated tech it's addressing the littering issue in the city. I love the idea of putting the face of the litterer on posters/billboards around the city, it's really strong. Hopefully it will be enough of a deterrent to make people clean up after themselves.

Hyundai: A Message to Space

Hyundai just reached a Guinness World Record for the largest tire track message, partnering with a teenage girl whose dad is currently in space. Drivers in 11 Hyundai Genesis cars replicated Stephanie's message on the sand so it was big enough for her father to see from his lofty post. Really cool!  
Attached to the title you'll find a nice article on how Hyundai's viral hit "Message to Space" came together.

Fly with your imagination

The Russian airline S7 made this innovative project that allows people to control a virtual plane using only the power of their imagination. Through EEG technology, the more people focused on their dream destination, the closer the plane on the projection mapped globe stayed to the ideal flight path. 
The execution is, visually, not as exciting as the idea, but both the tech, and the sort of fun you could have with it is pretty interesting I think. 


News' format must change to appeal to a younger audience, and Channel 4 knows that. The british broadcaster has launched a brilliant new website presenting daily headlines from around the world as GIFs, which aims to repackage online news in a format more appealing to teens and young adults...and it's hosted on Tumblr!

The state of storytelling
in the Internet age

"Read This Thing" round up the state of play of news and storytelling in the internet age through the both lenses of glass half empty/glass half full. Well written and thoughtful.