Weekly brightness 09/03/2015

The "unskippable" preroll
ads by GEICO

Creativity and fit to the format are the unique solutions to tackle the poor viewership rates for YouTube preroll ads. That's why GEICO's unskippable preroll ad is clever: it's creatively brilliant and it's aimed to hook viewers' attention within the first five seconds. How many preroll ads are built to fit and thrive within a preroll format where those five seconds are crucial?
Too few I guess.

Skoda's Attention Test

Brilliant ad by ais London for Skoda UK which specifically designed the video to maximise its social sharing. 
The Skoda attention experiment challenges consumer’s to
see if the new Fabia really can steal their attention using
change blindness theory.
Very clever!  

YouTube #DearME

Teen girls empowerment  has never been so important in
ad-land as it is in these days. After the big impact of the P&G campaign "always-like-a- girl" , YouTube launched the #DearMe campaign in celebration of International Women's Day. The initiative is aimed to inspire and empower young girls leveraging on GIFs where grown girls can give their advice to their younger self. The idea is simple and quite impactful.

FOX advertises on Getty Images

This is really the case for using innovative adv channels.
Indeed, FOX partnered with Getty's iStock photo library to promote the film Unfinished Business. iStock will release four pics each week featuring the cast and everyone will be allowed to use them (for one week only) after having created an iStock account. Cool, especially for people like me who is spending some time to find pics for work presentations on sites like Getty.

Instagram's new
carousel ad format

Instagram is opening up new ways for brands to tell stories on the platform and the clickable carousel ad format goes in that direction. Basically, "carousel ads give brands more flexibility by allowing people who view their ads to swipe left to see additional images and link to a website of the brand's choice."
That could means different campaigns to be shown, different call to action and the chance of building a complete narrative arch with a simple ad.