Weekly brightness 30/03/2015

Routine Republic by Taco Bell

This short film is massive. Taco Bell sets its brand apart from the competition presenting itself as the revolutionary, countercultural breakfast option in the face of McDonald hegemony. 
The idea of using the dystopian film style is brilliant.
It's like Fahrenheit 451 but just for breakfast. 


"Rainworks are positive messages and art that appear when it rains. Their purpose: To make people smile on rainy days."
Full credit to Peregrine Church for his uplifting project
of street art which, in adv terms, offers to guerrilla marketers
a powerful weapon. 

Maria Popova on the key of brilliant storytelling

The always brilliant Maria looks at the importance of tension in storytelling referencing Zadie Smith, Jesse Schell and the role of "flow" in games along the way.
Read it and bookmark Brain Pickings among your favourites!

Unconscious consumption

A very good post from Patricia McDonald of Isobar on "unconscious consumption" and the rise of low involvement digital. I agree with the holistic approach driven by data and the need - today more than ever - of having big brands ideas. What I'm more skeptical of it's the unconditioned belief that future advertising will be solely frictionless, I reckon there will still be a role for more interruptive experiences. 

Google Pony Express

Google is launching a new service called "Pony Express".
The service would let Gmail users receive bills directly to their inbox and pay them with one or two clicks. With Pony Express, Google could use the financial data to refine how advertisements are targeted to individuals on its platforms.
"A bit" scary as a consumer but the project is very useful and smart from a business perspective. 
Privacy is dead, long live the privacy.