Weekly brightness 23/03/2015

SXSW 2015 recap

Would it be possible to avoid writing about the SXSW?
It's not likely, even if the event is often just a chance for marketers to marketing their works rather than a real gathering for innovation. Anyway, you'll find below the main highlights of the last SXSW, along with an useful lists of further reading on the event. Enjoy.

Adv on Tinder:
she's not what she appears

Just to stay around the SXSW 2015 topic, this case is coming from Austin and it's absolutely brilliant. "Ex-Machina", a new sci-fi film, used a fake profile on Tinder to promote its premiere. I'm still surprised that more brands aren't trying this sort of stuff on Tinder.

BuzzFeed's new strategy

BuzzFeed's new strategy is quite revolutionary for the conventional Web publishing wisdom. Basically, instead of maximising the traffic on its platform, BuzzFeed "fishes for eyeballs in other people’s streams". However, you can listen directly from Jonah Peretti (BuzzFeed's founder and CEO) how the company figured out it wanted to head this way, and what that means in practice.

Be the one to end cancer

I love this idea from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation site in which all donators were put into a composite video showing collages of all the faces. The site is really heavy, thus it's difficult to get a smooth experience, but the idea of the face kaleidoscope has a lot of potential. 

The changing - and unchanging - structure of TV

A really good in-depth look at the changing (and unchanging) structure of TV and the TV market from ben Thompson.