Weekly brightness 02/03/2015

Impossible and now

Really insightful report by Wolff Olins to understand how leadership is changing. What inspires me most is the idea of the CEO of the future as a designer-in-chief. Someone who is "searching questions rather than telling people what to do", someone who values "inputs over outputs". Check it out.


Volkswagen: the blind spot ad.

Brilliant ad by AlmapBBDO for Volkswagen to announce the "Side Assist technology", a system which alerts drivers when vehicles are in the blind spot of the car.
Cool interactive experience.

"If they find it, they'll play with it."

Evolve is a US organization focused on making gun safety and responsibility the social norm. I've got known of the Playthings campaign thanks to the print series which follows its 2014 viral film success (watch it below). Late but great.

Integrative ideas
and social brands

Brilliant article by Faris Yakob on the need for agencies to develop integrative ideas that are built on social networks interaction. "All communication ideas should be developed this way. Nurturing, growing, testing, engaging and then leveraging ideas that emerge from the rich protean substrate of social. Planted in the relatively stable environments of traditional media, where the passive can enjoy the engagement of the active. Born online, broadened in broadcast."

How’s the media industry
these days? Confused.

A summary of talks from the likes of Mark Thompson to Ev Williams to Tyler The Creator from the Re/Code conference that points to the fact that just when the media industry thinks it knows where it's at, the behaviours change again.