Weekly brightness 23/02/2015

Honda - Keep Up (Faster)

After the great success of "The Other Side" W&K London and Honda did it again! "Keep UP" is inviting viewers to test their speed reading via a series of ads that can be played faster and faster to see if you can still read the text. Directed by Man vs Machine, its pacy soundtrack also intensifies the sense of speed while the message is all about "pushing yourself." Cool.

The future of billboards

Nowadays digital billboards are one of the hottest thing in advertisement and it's definitely the time to raise the bar in terms of creativity and interaction. Check out this video.  


Clippet's founders (James Macleod and Grace Regan) have launched a new platform to engage millennials with news.
Clippet provides short-form audio news, aimed at on-the-go 18-28 year olds, with a conversational, direct and straight to the point language (almost every clip lasts less than a minute). Will audio be the solution? A project like Serial is a successful example.

Facebook patents influencer marketing

Even if it's not here yet,this is a very interesting move from Facebook. The Zuckerberg's team will be able to target the so called "influencer", those people that - according to the social network data - have an huge effect on the spread of a certain piece of content within their network. The coolest thing is that Facebook can target influencers for different categories (automotive, diapers and so on).

How To Start Being A Common Brand

Brilliant piece by John Willshire on the idea of the "common brand". You'll also find the full presentatio of his last speech. Good stuff.