Weekly brightness 16/02/2014

The world's 50 most innovative companies

This annual look at the world's most innovative companies is really worth a deep exploration. I've got known of many brilliant and meaningful companies I've never heard of.
Just to name a few: Warby-Parker, Next Big Sound and Inventure. Especially the last one really caught my interest:
a smart mobile-based solution which unlock traditional credit in emerging markets (see the video below). Above all, one of the coolest thing of the list is that can be split into different sectors like design, advertising, retail and so on. Check it out!

The Converse sample library

The Converse brand has always been deeply rooted into the music culture and this case is the last proof. "The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library will provide a unique resource for musicians all over the world at no cost. Creators are free to explore, download, experiment,
and create using library samples and are empowered to utilize the resulting works in unlimited ways."

It's not a multi-million budget - like the excellent Red Bull Music Academy - but surely it's something which creates a deep connection with the music-makers community delivering high quality contents for free.

Sexy Delights of Europe

How could be possible avoid talking about brands and
St. Valentine Day? Well, all I got to say is that lastminute.com
is the ultimate winner of this year (see the video below).
For a more deep and well written analysis do not miss
this article by Rebecca Swift on the Guardian.

"Physical" re-targeting 

This is an interesting case from Swedish newspaper publisher Aftonbladet and Unilever brand Knorr on how to use beacons for retargeting. Basically, people who visited a sample-deliverer truck in Stockholm could be retargeted later on the Aftonbladet app with a coupon from Knorr.

"I am Baires" 

I love this story and this project.
Peter Scheffer wrote about his experience filming the 
documentary "I Am Baires", which investigates the lives and issues of people who live in Buenos Aires. The documentary has been co-produced with Fusion, a multi-platform media company aimed at millennials which "delivers a unique mix of news, pop culture, and comedy content that is both smart and irreveren." Enjoy.