Weekly brightness 05/10/2015

Turning Google Searches into experiences

Dunkin’ Donuts and Airbnb have launched new advertising campaigns for Times Square linking their ads to Google Maps. With New York Advertising Week underway, Times Square is packed with creative minds from around the world discussing the work on display. Dunkin’ Donuts and Airbnb have taken advantage of the opportunity with advertising campaigns aimed at attendees from out of town. Very smart!

Marketing crack

Really worth checking out Martin Weigel's slides from his talk at Percolate's Transition conference. 

The Netflix Switch

This is very clever indeed by Netflix, which set up this rather nice little site where people interested in making stuff can find instructions and blueprints and ideas for hacking their Netflix account and doing some rather cool Internet of Things-type stuff with it.

Google Customer Match

Google will soon allow advertisers to target ads for people who have disclosed their email addresses. The new Google ad targeting service will allow advertisers to show advertisements based on what users are viewing, searching, and on any device, when using any form of Google service including Search, Gmail, or YouTube.

The 5 digital dynamics that are transforming marketing

An interesting article by marketing technologist Scott Brinker on the 5 digital dynamics that are transforming marketing.