Weekly Brightness 26/10/2015

9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings

An extraordinary list by Maria Popova, a genuine lesson of life.

Marketing is specialising into irrelevance

A great post from Gareth Kay about how marketing is specialising into irrelevance.

Facebook Search

Facebook announced that it will expand its search functionality to basically include everything that's ever been published on the platform (well, all the stuff that's not behind privacy settings, anyway).  Is that the first step to fight google allowing  brands to promote their posts against search results? 

Google shopping Insights

The data is currently US-onl but this site could be extremely useful, providing granular regional insight on where certain products are most popular.

An excerpt from Clay Shirky's new book

Clay Shirky, associate professor at NYU Shanghai, is one of the most influential thinkers on the internet’s effects on society. In ‘Little Rice: Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream’ he chronicles China’s attempt to become a tech originator and what it means for the future course of globalisation.