Weekly brightness 30/09/2014

Why banner ads are broken beyond repair

In this brilliant article Faris Yakob captured neatly many of the problems with banner ads. For how long the ad-industry will keep annoying consumers and wasting clients' resources instead of being interesting and build profitable brands?

Focus groups are worthless

I couldn't agree more with this article. The more marketing as a whole is based on focus groups, the more it is diverting from what is true, interesting and viable. 

App integrations

Apps are overcoming the mobile web and they're starting to link each other just as a web experience does. Interesting article by the media-guru Dan Calladine.


Selfie culture

Well-made video by Matthew Frost
on the awkard selfie culture. 

GoPro and the NHL

Co-marketing, product integration or whatever you wanna call it, this is a really cool idea that enhance the viewers' experience. Below you can watch a possible expansion with the NFL.