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Content: communication
over consumption

Content marketing is the proof on how branding strategies are getting more subtle in the way they use media. In order to hold a spot into consumers' mind "brands are creating content not simply for passive consumption by an audience, but rather content that people might be inclined to share because it expresses something about who they are".
Interesting insight by Katrina Dodd.

How the internet killed the profit

In this article Tom Goodwin touches the crucial issue of the internet economy: is it actually a sustainable model? The answer seems to be categorically negative and it calls time for serious reflections. As consumers, everything is easier and cheaper but what's the real cost for that? No money, no honey.

You can't be everyone's girlfriend

Some great pitch principles from Bob Hoffman that every agency should follow.

The long and short

"The long and short" is a new magazine that "will tell stories of innovation that are thoughtful, hopeful and questioning. We will attempt to give people new vantage points on how the world is changing and how they can make a difference". It will come out every quarter but it will have seasons, where each season is based on a theme and the first is "Re": reinterpreting, reusing rethinking, etc.. It looks like something to keep among your usual readings.

Facebook Media

Facebook Media is a microsite dedicated to housing advice, tips and news for media organisations using the platform. It might be useful to keep up with the latest best practices from across the broader community.