Weekly brightness 7/7/14


What does the Facebook experiment teach us?

Facebook's psychological newsfeed experiment catalyzed attention, generating a mass of opinions and fears. Danah Boyd took an original angle to look at the situation.

Spotify for Cannes

This project made by Spotify during the last Cannes Lions is really fascinating. I mean, the idea of the inspiring song is ok and the data visualization is absolutely mesmerizing, but what caught my interest most was the power of the platform. Nothing moves and connects people more than music does and Spotify has plenty of data to dig those connections, sparking interest and emotions. Potential activations in advertising are just endless.

In search of Meaningful

Brilliant piece beautifully written by Seth Godin about digital media. Three simple rules that should lead the editorial line of an online-publisher along with the fundamental message that contents' meaning ovverrules numbers and rankings. 

Big and useless data

Digital avertising and the huge amount of data have fueled one of the biggest myth in marketing: advertising effect is measurable. Most of the time, research data are desperately flawed and when they're right...well, don't tell to the clients.

Meet Generation Z

Keep struggling to understand everything about millennials? Forget everything you learned about them, generation Z seems really different.