Weekly brightness 21/7/14

Airbnb's rebrand: sharing more than homes.

Airbnb's new branding changes the whole identity and expression of the company, positioning the brand as an icon for the sharing economy. Airbnb will probably offer new sharing products and this article offers an insightful look behind the scenes.

Twitter is just like facebook: 100% organic reach does not exist.

Adland people are getting really excited about Twitter's decision to let advertisers see their organic reach analytics. Well, before getting to excited, read this article written by Dan Sullivan. At the end of the day, Twitter is not that different from the "evil" facebook.

How to leave facebook/why to leave facebook

Facebook's controversial mood experiment has been the last straw that broke the camel's back for many people. Nick Briz is offering everybody reasons - that was quite easy - to leave the service and a clever exit strategy - less easy - that will let you leave the platform without loosing all your stuff. You can also maintain a shell account usable for login purposes on 3rd party sites.

Don't you feel like committing "facebook harakiri" but you still think they're evil?

Then look at this campaign by Dutch communication agency Just: 99 Days of Freedom.

Change your profile photo, share your last link and get out for the next 99 days. Will that bring you more happiness and more authentic social experiences? You'll never know, if you never try.

Failure to committ is as bad as failure to start

A short excerpt from David Hieatt's new book: committment is the keyword for every idea.

Google and Novartis made a deal to put sensors on your eyes

That's a remarkable case of digital healthcare and it will not happen by 2020.

It's happening now.