Weekly brightness 02/02/2015

BBC's home of new ideas: Taster.

The BBC, disrupted by technology and new habits, is thinking about its future (see here). Taster, for instance, is a brand new public beta-testing concept that will deliver all the freshest ideas and experiments for digital content and emerging technology (see the video below). Users have the chance to "taste" ideas and experimental concepts giving feedbacks and sharing them. That's really interesting stuff, bookmark it immediately.

What a wonderful piece of branded storytelling. 
Land Rover partnered with author William Boyd to create a branded story which fuses different digital techniques.
From a creative point of view the result is stunning: 
interface and production are amazing while the story is vibrating and compelling. From a business point of view,
we'll see if that will convert into a brand or sales uplift. 
What is sure, is that stories like the Vanishing Game touches consumers in a much more deep, persuasive and distinctive way.


Smart app from the people behind the site Stylitics (which lets you sort through your wardrobe online), ClosetSpace is a sort of style management toolkit which pulls data about the weather, what you're doing that day according to your calendar, etc., and suggests what you should wear. Of course, there will be some business link to fashion brands and retailers. 

Facebook tracks "conversion lift"

When it comes to the efficacy of the digital adv (if there is anything) the big question is: does click-trough rate really matter? Facebook is trying to persuade marketers it does not announcing a new way to track ad performance: the conversion lift. Basically, it refers to the sales boost generated by users who see an ad in their news feeds and/or click. Clever move for a company which derives the vast majority of its increasing revenues from ads.

2015 Super Bowl Commercials

Click on the link above to see and read everything about
the 2015 Super Bowl commercials.
Stay tuned and get boozy of ads.