Weekly brightness 22/12/14

"Serial": inside a podcast phenomenon

Serial is the most successful podcast ever made.
Yes, you got it right, a podcast.
A weekly podcast investigating a real-life murder that turned into a cultural phenomena: listened by millions of people, 
listening parties and countless groups of discussion on the web. An astonishing digital success for a very traditional way of telling a story: the voice and nothing more. I reckon Serial leads the way for new and great storytelling, it's the proof that good storytelling is by no means constrained to one medium. 
Attached to the title you'll find a nice piece on the Financial Times while below you can enjoy a BBC Interview with Serial's producer, Dana Chivvis.

John Hegarty starts "The Garage"

John Hegarty (founder of BBH) is coming from the old-school ad-land but he is among the few who really drives the change. He is launching a London based business incubator called "The Garage" to hothouse the most disruptive and scaleable start-ups of the future. Is that a side project?  "Mr. Hegarty will work full time at The Garage, except for the one day a month he still devotes to BBH." Respect.

Flic: The Wireless Smart Button

This indiegogo project is a brilliant idea for every smart thing, from houses to phones. Flic is a wireless button that creates a shortcut to people's favorite actions.
The project hit 5 times the fixed funding: bang.

Google contributor

Google’s new Contributor service is an experiment to see if users' contribution is a feasible solution to replace adverts on websites. Over the past years we have seen many different mechanism to pay for web content (paywalls, freemium strategies), but this issue raises question on the future of advertising: branded content for the rich and adv interruptions for the poor?

Rough notes on 2014 

A nice review of 2014 without being sunk by case histories.